Excise Duty Refund Spain

About diesel tax (Céntimo Sanitario, Gasóleo Professional) in Spain

Céntimo Sanitario, Gasóleo Professional and diesel tax in Spain: It is possible to claim a refund of the Excise Duty levied on diesel in Spain for:

  • All EU-based transport companies with trucks weighing 7.5 tons or more.
  • All EU-based passenger transport companies with vehicles for 8 passengers or more.
  • Transport on own account does not give right to Excise Duty refund in Spain.

Procedures for Excise Duty Refund

To claim your Excise Duty refund the following procedure is required:

1. Registration with the Spanish Authorities
Excise Duty refund in Spain requires a Fiscal Identification Number (NIF) from the Spanish Authorities. All required documents for the registration are listed in the customer package. If you operate as a sole trader you will first need to apply for an Identification Number for Foreigners (NIE) and provide this number with the rest of the documents. Once REMOBIS has received and verified all the documents, the application will be submitted to the Spanish Authorities. A one-off service fee of €150,- is required for the NIF application.

2. Fuel cards "Valida Gasóleo Profesional"
In order to claim Excise Duty in Spain, all fuel purchases must be done with special fuel cards labelled "Valida Gasóleo Profesional". Each card is linked to a specific vehicle. The cards will be issued and sent to you by your provider after your NIF number has been granted.

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