REMOBIS – That’s us

Founded in 2001, REMOBIS Refund Service is one of the leading service providers for tax refunds in Europe today.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, an international team of around 100 employees claims VAT and Excise Duty Refunds on behalf of our more than 12,000 customers. Our goal is lightening the administrative work load of our customers, by offering a fast and all-round service for all their refunds.

Personal customer care and quick response times are second nature to us. We will always go the extra mile to offer you the best possible service.

Unique Selling Proposition


Michiel Stekelenburg is the Managing Director of REMOBIS Refund Service.






Corporate Social Responsibility

Economic, ecological and social responsibility form the foundation of the way we do business as a company. We would like to set a good example in this respect, which is why we are committed to offering our customers services and products that take ecological, economic and social sustainability into account. We also expect our suppliers to contribute to these efforts and exert a positive influence in their spheres of activity.