Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about VAT refunds, VAT regulations, invoices with VAT, and how to apply for a petroleum tax refund.

Companies with a VAT identification number are allowed to reclaim VAT paid abroad. However, applications for VAT refunds from abroad are complicated and lengthy.

As far as you work in the logistics industry, you can apply for a VAT refund on travel, transportation and accommodation expenses.

The eligibility of certain products for reimbursement is up to the individual countries. Please contact REMOBIS for country-specific options.

Within the EU and in all countries with which a reciprocity agreement has been concluded. You can apply for reimbursement in 27 European countries. These include European countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom.

For further information regarding the connected non-EU countries, please contact REMOBIS. Our employees are available to you in your national language at any time.

You can apply for reimbursement of travel, transportation and accommodation costs. However, the details are regulated differently in different countries.

If you use our Fast Refund service, you will receive a VAT refund within a few weeks after reviewing the invoices you submitted. You can find more options here

Yes. In order to be able to submit a complete VAT return ourselves, we need your original invoices. Electronic invoices are considered original invoices if they are forwarded to us by e-mail and meet all the legal requirements of an electronic invoice.

For quarterly refund applications, the deadline for invoice delivery is the 15th of the month following each quarter. For annual applications for the previous fiscal year, all invoices with VAT must be submitted to REMOBIS by February 28 of the following year. This deadline is extended only for new customers.

The minimum amount of reimbursement requests per year is 50 euros. The minimum amount of reimbursement requests per quarter is 400 euros.

The Excise Duty is a consumption tax that is levied on certain products (such as gasoline, diesel and liquid gas) in addition to the value-added tax.

If you work in the logistics industry, you can apply for a refund of Excise Duty on diesel fuel in certain countries (Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain).

You can apply for the refund of Excise Duty on diesel fuels in Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain.

You can apply for a refund of the Excise Duty on diesel fuels.

The Excise Duty is refunded to you in a period between 20 days and one year.

REMOBIS cannot guarantee the reimbursement periods as they are at the discretion of the authorities.

For your application for refund of Excise Duty you need to submit original invoices only for Belgium. For all other countries, copies of the original invoices are sufficient.

The period during which you can apply for a refund of the Excise Duty and the point in time from which a corresponding claim expires are regulated very differently in the individual countries.

The periods are up to three years depending on the country: one to three months in Slovenia, three years in Belgium (provided that a license was already in place for this period) and without any retroactive application in Spain.

Yes, this is possible, but not at all recommended, as there is an increased risk of non-recognition of the applications. However, you may only work with one appropriate service provider per country. Making multiple applications for the same period, even with different invoices, is not allowed and is considered fraud. Customs authorities can take legal action here and impose drastic fines.

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